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5 Reasons Why Bed Warmers Are Better Than Electric Blankets

After spending a frantic routine at work, everyone deserves to sleep like a baby, without any worries and traction, yet they end up having sleepless nights, maybe due to the blankets or pillows they choose to carry for their sleep.

In order to sleep with comfort, your relaxed mind is not the only requirement; you need to be wise enough to make the selection of pillows, mattresses, and blankets rigorously so that it doesn’t bring any hurdle in between your rest.

They say that sleep is the best meditation, and if we can’t get enough, we often find ourselves exhausted without even working for a minute.

Every part of the body needs to rest for which the requirement is sound and healthy sleep. If you reside in cold temperatures, you might want to check out some of the best heated electric blankets that keep you warm throughout the night.

Today I am going to mention one of the standard household accessories that you might never go through. Yet, it is another way to keep your bed warm without utilizing electric blankets. Those who are not familiar with the word ‘Bed Warmers,’ let’s get along with the topic and talk about it in detail.

What Is Bed Warmer?      

The trend of using Bed warmer is not new as it’s been utilizing for a long time and especially in Europe, where the temperature is cold enough. A bed Warmer looks like a frying pan that is made of metal.

It has a handle attached to it for the convenience of carrying it easily. People fill the pan with ’embers’ and then place under the bed that would help to warm the bed throughout the night.

‘Embers’ are hot coal that gives heat and keeps you warm all night. Now it is overshadowed with Electric blankets that are the modern trend to save people from any effort.

In Electric blankets, we don’t need to make any effort to keep up warm ourselves as the blankets comprise of electric heading wires that make you warm. It likewise has a control unit with which you can adjust the temperature at any time.

Though the purpose of both accessories is the same yet I am going to mention in this article that Why we should choose Bed warmers over Electric blankets? Let’s start our main topic and discuss some of the reasons that depict the importance of utilizing Bed warmer.

Bed Warmer Vs. Electric Blanket

You might be confused about the significant difference between both heating devices. Well, let me solve your confusion by mentioning the working of both the essentials. If we talk about the functioning of an electric blanket, then it mainly works by consuming a lot of electricity due to the wires attached to it. When the power is on, it starts working by generating heat.

On the other hand, if we talk about BedJet Bed Warmer, then it doesn’t utilize electricity because of not having any wire attached to it. It works just by placing it under your bed. It is 100% safe and secure to use because it lets us have a heating experience by utilizing the Air. Bed Warmers have been used from 1000 years ago in cold areas due to the feasibility and cheapness.

The apparent difference that you can examine in both workings is electricity. Those who are already using Electric blankets might be satisfied with its operation. However, the adverse effect that it leaves on the human body needs to be considered again. Better to utilize safe and sound essentials.

Why Are Bed Warmers Better Than Electric Blankets?

Here I am going to enlist a few significant reasons that would indeed illustrate why one should use Bed Warmer instead of Electric blankets to keep themselves warm throughout the night. Those reasons include:

1- They are Safe and Secure to Use

We all know that electric blankets consist of electrical wires that are not safe and secure to use. Moreover, they can get damaged by children at your home. Playing with electrical wires can tend to severe injuries, and utilizing that blanket every night is no less than a risk.

On the other hand, A bed warmer can’t provide any harm to you and your children because of not having wires attached to it. Just place that pan shape household accessory under your bed where they will not even realize and make your bed warm within no time. Bed Warmers are entirely safe and secure to use as they don’t contain any electric wire.

2- They are Cheap as Compared to Electric Blankets

If we talk about the cost of Electric blankets, then it is hard for so many people to purchase it, and if the wires get damaged, then it is of no use. Even if it doesn’t get damaged, you still can’t go with that blanket for a very long time. On the other hand, Bed warmer can efficiently be utilized by anyone.

You only need a metal pan and a few hot coals to warm up your bed. You only need to spend a few R.s to have that metal pan and a few hot coals. Hence the other reason why you should choose Bed warmer over electric blankets is its cost. A bed warmer is entirely cheap to be used as compared to electric blankets. The choice is yours now.

3- A Bed Warmer Requires 0 Maintenance

The Maintenance is another issue of these electric blankets as the electrical wires can stop working, and the control unit attached to these blankets often gets damaged for which sometimes you need to do substantial repairing that again costs you enough money. You will also have to keep the electric blanket clean all the time.

Sometimes the maintenance of a particular product costs you more than its purchasing cost, and you end up regretting purchasing it. A bed warmer doesn’t need any kind of maintenance. You only need to fill the Pan with the hot coals and later enjoy your cozy nights without any risk of fear of injury.

4- Bed Warmers are Easy to Use

If you have ever got an experience of utilizing electric blankets, then you would know that these blankets are sometimes hard to use as there is a bit complexity in its function that can’t be understood by a simple person. However, Bed warmer doesn’t require any challenging process.

It is simple to use without any technique. Just put the pan under the bed and enjoy the warm temperature. In Electric blankets, you need to have detailed knowledge about the wires and electric control so that you don’t overheat the mattress that would result in injury.

5- It Saves Energy and Have Better Sleep

According to researches, Bed warmer help you in getting sound sleep at night. Placing the pan under your bed gets pre-warm, which lets you release your pain and have a sound sleep at night without any tension and worry. Moreover, it saves a lot of energy and your electricity cost. When you are able to get a night of sound sleep throughout the night, you can spend a new next day without any fatigue.

It is also said that heat is the oldest remedy for a lot of body pains. When you get to have a warm bed, you no longer feel pain in any part of your body, which is one of the biggest reasons for switching yourself to Bed Warmer. Though Electric blankets also keep you warm all night yet the electricity it generates directly enters the upper part of your body, which can have a negative effect later. Isn’t it?

How Efficient It Works?

Whenever we look for a new product, then we pay special consideration on its working that either it works efficiently or not. Working productively is one of the vital elements of a long time duration.

If you ever got an experience of utilizing Electric mattress, you might be aware of the timing in which it gets adequately heated. It would help if you switched on the power button at least 30 months before sleeping to make your mattress correctly warm. 

That means it requires 30 or 40 minutes to start working efficiently. Till morning the switch remains on so that your bed remains warm and cozy.

If we talk about the performance of Bed Warm, you don’t need 30 or 40 minutes to get your bed warm. The minute you place it under your bed, it starts getting warmer, and you can quickly feel the air generating under the bed. 

Hence without utilizing electricity and without bearing any expenses of maintenance, you can have comfortable and warm nights with this pre-eminent Household item that does wonders.

Exceptional Cleaning: Bed Warmer Vs. Electric Blanket

We are all aware that mattress require cleaning after 1 or 2 months as it gets filthy and stained. Because of having so many wires affix to it, it requires special care. Your 1 negligence can destroy your expensive electric mattress within no time. Following individual instruction of cleaning, you need to follow to keep it guarded.

Though you can wash the blanket with hands or by placing it in a washing machine yet, you should be extra careful when you uncover the sheet due to so many wires that can provide harm to you. Moreover, the misuse of the electric blanket can also lead to the pitfall.

Sometimes people inappropriately put the blanket once the winters over that it gets damaged. The electric blanket full of wires needs special care without hurting the wires attached to it.

On the other hand, if we talk about cleaning the bed warm, then we all know that it doesn’t require special care and attention as a single piece of metal can’t get damaged or hurt. Hence instead of wasting your time on the maintenance or cleaning of an electric blanket, try to use Bed warm to save your time, energy, and effort.

Advantages of Utilizing Bed Warmers

Now, let’s emphasize a few advantages or pros of utilizing this finest Bed Warmer to intensify its significance. It includes:

  • It is one of the safest items to use in winter nights to feel warm. All the electric blankets contain a negative effect on health that you might not understand now yet will examine later. It is better to be conscious of the start than to regret later.
  • It is one of the cheapest ways to have comfy nights. Many people purchase an electric mattress or put on heaters all night for warm temperature that results in high electricity bill. Still, Bed Warmers keeps you cozy all night without utilizing electricity. Moreover, it doesn’t have a maintenance cost.
  • Bed Warmer keeps you safe from various body pains and muscle problems. It is said that heat is a remedy from multiple body pains. Hence when your body remains in a warm temperature throughout the night, then it releases all your body pain.
  • It doesn’t comprise any complex function as it is simple to use. However, in other heated mattresses, you need to work on the features. The heating mattress sometimes becomes too hot for which you need to know all the control unit’s functionalities.


I am sure many people have gone through with this household accessory for the very first time even I didn’t know about this fantastic item that I have just started utilizing. Those who are using an Electric blanket for a long time must try to Bed Warmer to help you in a number of ways, including cost, affection, and many more.

Though Electric blankets equally keep your bed temperature warm yet, consuming a lot of electricity sometimes becomes quite costly and unaffordable for so many people. So better to look for that item which doesn’t cost much.

I have mentioned a few reasons in this article that illustrate why you should use Bed warmer instead of an Electric blanket. I hope you will find this article helpful and informative. Experience this different yet an old method of warm up your bed. You won’t feel disappointed.

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