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5 Design Ideas For Your Loft Conversion

Allowing your home to be extraordinary and unique will take excellent interior design skills. If you’d like your home to maximise every space available, having a loft-style home would surely fulfil your home needs without occupying too much space, which is perfect for small homes.  

A loft home gives your home the chance to look airy and bright. For your loft conversion, you’re most likely going to repurpose any elevated area in your home, ideally your attic, and allow it to be a brand-new room. While you might have an open floor for your loft conversion, it’ll help to give a lively ambience. As you convert your home into a loft, listed below are the design ideas you might want to consider:

Bright And Airy Bedroom 

If you must add a new bedroom to your home, allowing it to be bright and airy is a must, especially if you’re planning to add them to your loft conversion. For your bedroom, you should consider having a theme of Terraced house loft conversions as it’ll help make the room look larger and more comfortable. The last thing you’d want to happen inside a bedroom is to feel trapped from the darkness, not allowing yourself to enjoy the space.  

Adding as many windows as possible would help to invite natural light in. Moreover, it’ll also be a great place to stargaze at night as you’ll have an obstacle-free view of the night sky. You might even position your bed facing the windows to allow the stars to twinkle your bed as you sleep.  

Home Office Design 

Today, more and more people are switching to work from home setup, giving people the opportunity to work in the comforts of their own home. However, to ensure productivity, having a designated office inside your home would help to keep you away from distractions and allow you to focus on your tasks. 

For your loft conversion, you should consider utilizing it to be a home office, giving you just enough space to work at peace. Ideally, you should place your table near the window to allow inspiration to flow in. You can even add a mini sofa inside your office so you can take a quick break if you’re too overwhelmed for the day.  

Mini-Zen Place 

Having a space in your home wherein you can fully relax and have a break without leaving work would always be a great idea. To allow yourself to be at peace, using your loft conversion as a mini-Zen place would be beneficial for everyone. You can use the space to do anything without anyone interrupting you.  

When building a mini-Zen room, you should include the comfiest lounging sofa as much as possible. You could even include a minibar that provides everyone’s favourite drinks. Having a snack bar would also help to improve the space. Moreover, adding self-help or feel-good books would allow everyone to have a lovely time inside the mini-Zen room.  

Kids Playroom 

If your loft conversion has a low headroom, you should consider using it as a kids’ playroom, as it’ll be the perfect size for your kid’s height. This will eliminate anyone from crunching their bodies just to fit their bodies inside comfortably. As you use a low headroom, you might need to renovate it to allow everyone to be comfortable, especially if the headroom is too short. You might need to raise the roof or lower the ceiling of the floor beneath it (View source).  

When designing a playroom for the kids, ensure that it’s a completely safe room. Cover any plugs using a safety cover and hide them behind large furniture such as a mini-kitchen, bookshelf, or toy shelf. Moreover, you should ensure that you add a comfortable mat to allow your kids to lounge and play as they read their books or pretend play. 

Walk-In Wardrobe 

If your loft conversion is just beside your bedroom, renovating it to become a walk-in wardrobe would help to expand your bedroom space. Apart from eliminating your closet inside your bedroom, you can give yourself a great wardrobe experience while also helping to maximize your clothing collection. In addition, it can also help to maximize your property’s value as you include a functional space.  

As you add a walk-in wardrobe, ensure that you have enough hanging space for your hanging clothes and enough drawers for your folded clothes and undergarments. You can include a shoes and bags display for added beauty, giving your loft conversion a luxurious ambience that you’ll surely enjoy looking at every day. Just don’t forget to add a full-size mirror so you can see your outfit before leaving home. 


When building a loft conversion, you should maximize the space as much as possible. It’ll give a more comfortable life, as a room will have a new purpose. Moreover, inviting as much light as possible will help to make any room feel airy and bright. It can also help reduce your electricity bills as you no longer have to turn on any lights during the day.  

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