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6 Ways To Use Quartz In Your Home

Quartz has been highly valued for its strong visual aesthetics and strength for many years. Quartz has the advantages of a natural stone but is not porous, so it does not need any sealers when placed in wet environments. Quartz is also made up of resins and polymers, making it a much more flexible material that is not prone to cracks and scratches. It means it is a very versatile material to work with, especially when designing the interior of your home. 

It can last very long and keep its good quality for a long duration. Quartz is a trusted go-to when picking materials for countertops, walling, and flooring options. Here are some examples of that. 

Using Quartz In Countertops

Quartz countertops have become very popular with people passionate about interior design. The only downside to using it as a material is how expensive it can get, but it is a good investment for any homeowner. It gives your home a contemporary makeover, and you can rest assured that its value will not decline easily as some materials. For instance, when installing the quartz benchtops into your home, you can request any distinguishable style features, like if you want it slanted or have a waterfall edge.  

These countertops are made with controlled quantities of material and precision sculpting.  

Incorporate Quartz Into Your Flooring Options 

Flooring options need to be very durable, especially in places that experience a lot of foot traffic like the kitchen, hallways, and bathroom. Quartz is a great material option because it can last long and can be resistant to fading and wearing. Places with heavy foot traffic in your home can also pick up many contaminants from people’s shoes and clothes. Luckily, Quartz is quite simple to clean, so you will be able to clean and sanitize areas easily from bacteria and dirt.   

You can also use strong cleaning products on quartz floors as they will not get damaged from the strong chemicals.   

Use Quartz As Backsplashes In The Kitchen 

As mentioned before, Quartz is a very durable material and couple that with its easy cleaning functionality, it makes it the best option for the kitchen. The kitchen can be prone to spills and accidents, making Quartz the best choice for a backsplash because it can last in damp environments. Backsplashes are vertical spaces and surfaces installed to protect the wall behind stoves and countertops.   

Quartz is also heat resistant making it the best option for countertops close to the stove or oven. Having a quartz backsplash means that no matter how much hot oil, water, or dirt gets exposed, it will withstand all and be easy to clean.   

Get Some Quartz Wall Options For Every Room  

Quartz enhances the aesthetics of space in your home, especially when incorporated into the walls. You’d be able to choose from many quartz choices and different color options. Engineered Quartz can be designed to look like marble or granite and can be in any color you wish, so the sky is the limit. It means that you have access to vast walling options for any room in the house.   

For instance, using Quartz in the walls of your shower can make your bathroom look elegant and stylish. Using it for the shower walls provides durability and an opportunity to make the shower the focal point of the bathroom. With its easy cleaning options, you’ll be able to keep your bathroom clean, dry, and aesthetically pleasing.  

Invest In Some Quartz Fireplaces  

Quartz stone makes a beautiful addition to traditional fireplaces because of its durability and heat resistance. Quartz can be engineered to look like other hard surfaces also make it a great option if you want to have an out-of-the-box look to your fireplace. It will add sophistication to your living room area or wherever the fireplace is set. The resin that resides in quartz can withstand temperatures of about 150 degrees which is ideal for fireplaces. 

Due to its popularity, it’s a material that is highly in demand for interior and exterior design so take your time to decide what style or design you want for your durable quartz fireplace.  

Use Quartz In The Shower And Bathroom 

The one thing that can set Quartz apart from natural stone options is its ability to stay prime in areas prone to getting damp and wet. Engineered Quartz is impervious to water and has a beautiful finish that can make the bathroom look so beautiful. Quartz has the appearance of beautiful natural stone but with all the extra added benefits that make it last longer.   

Using Quartz Can Raise Your Home Value 

House hunters know how valuable quartz is as a material and will value a home high when installed in a home. A home appraiser can consider floors, countertops, and walls made of quartz as a unique feature of the house. It’s also very environmentally friendly because traditional stone countertops are made from ground mining and can be transported over really long distances. At the same time, quartz is manufactured material that does not need any extensive mining or travel, which helps the environment.

Quartz Is A Luxurious Addition To The Home 

Like granite, quartz can add luxury and sophistication to your home. It’s a great benefit that can give you access to many colour and design options that are customisable to your liking. It’s a material that can accentuate any room, making it a great conversation starter for people who appreciate its appeal and have a passion for interior design.

Because Quartz is manufactured and is highly durable, it’s a great option to incorporate it into design options for your home. You can use it differently in different rooms in the house, and it is very durable. You can use it for walling flooring options and incorporate it in some lighting and interior decorating projects. Although it may come at a price, the length of service it provides you far outweighs the cost you’ll spend to buy the material. So, it remains a practical purchase.

Source: www.ukhomeimprovement.co.uk

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