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Easy ways to Reduce Waste at Home

Sometimes we all feel like our life is filled with waste. Everywhere in our house, we find ourselves surrounded by rubbish and clutter. Cleaning the house takes time, is stressful and boring for most of us. So here’s some advice for reducing waste and making your home less cluttered. If, however, it’s too big a task for you to handle alone you’re going to want to bring in the professionals. 

Learn how you to make changes at home that are environmental friendly by reading on.

Use eco-friendly reusable bags when shopping 

We usually avoid it, but it’s important to shop with reusable grocery bags such as bags for life. Not only are they typically bigger and stronger but also reduce the number of plastic bags collected in your kitchen cupboard or in our landfills.

Use less plastic in the kitchen

Cling film, tin foil, paper towels, and plastic zip bags may be useful but they create a lot of waste. Instead, try using a silicone baking sheet in place of tin foil or greaseproof paper. When cleaning, swap out paper towels and single-use wipes for microfiber cloths you can wash and reuse. Reusable lunch containers and washable snack bags will also keep your food just as fresh and will reduce the amount of waste produced by your household daily.

Say no to one-use water bottles and coffee cups

Regardless of what people believe, one-use coffee cups are not recyclable, due to the inside coating they have. For coffee on the go, try using a travel mug instead. It’s just as suitable, and it can save you money too

Join buy-and-sell groups

Try selling and keep your unwanted items out of a landfill and make some cash. There are a lot of online buy-and-sell websites and many different facebook groups. Someone could be interested in that microwave you’ve never used, those shoes too big or small for you or your children, or the coffee table collecting dust in the basement, they’ll even pick it up and pay you in cash.

Buy secondhand items and donate used goods

If you need some new clothes, before heading down to the high street to buy something new, consider buying second-hand, not only can you save you money, but if you’re buying from a charity shop you’ll also be supporting a good cause. At the same time, the clothes you no longer use could be worn by others. Try donating them to thrift shops, exchanging clothes with friends or even repurposing them as cleaning rags.

Find a new home for old furniture

When replacing furniture, try to give your old furniture a new home. You can donate it to a local charity, or post an online ad to sell or give it away. Some donation centers will also offer pickup services for used furniture depending on their size and condition.

Dispose of e-waste correctly

Old computers, TVs, and other devices are rich with components that can contain valuable materials but also harmful chemicals, so before you put your e-waste at the curb, find out if the manufacturer has drop-off programs, or look for local recycling programs.

Try paperless billing

The dreaded bill. Whether it’s your utilities or other miscellaneous costs, no one likes to pay. Though not an enjoyable aspect of life, paying bills can become beneficial to the environment when down paper free. In today’s digital world, it’s a faster and easier process and most companies offer to send bills via email. Most stores also offer e-receipts too, which are great because they’re harder to lose if you need to make a return.

Another paper free lifestyle tip is to consider digital subscriptions to your favorite newspapers and magazines, not only will you be able to read them on the go but you’ll be able to get all of them in one handy device such as your phone, tablet or laptop.

Naturally there will always be some forms of household waste you can’t easily dispose of, either due to its size or the time it’d take. Fear not, there are lots of professional services out there dedicated to just that. Offering a range of services such as house clearance. So whether you’re looking for house clearance in London, Leicester or Glasgow there’s a lot of options out there, you’ll just need to pick one that suits you.

Source: www.ukhomeimprovement.co.uk

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