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The Different Types of Bed Frames

If you’re in the market for a new bed, you might be surprised to learn that there are so many options available. From day beds to bunk beds, there’s a bed frame that is perfect for every bedroom, whether it’s a child’s bedroom, guest room or master bedroom. The good news is that by exploring all the different types of bed frames available, it’s easy to find the best design for your bedroom and your needs. Here are the most popular types of bed frames:

Guest Bed Frames

As the name suggests these bed frames are normally used for guests or in guest bedrooms – when you’ve got friends or family visiting. Guest bed frames are usually lightweight, made of wood or metal and are used for temporary use. They can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes. Common ways in which guest bed frames are composed is by having a single bed with another stored underneath on a trolley or one that folds out of another. 

Divan Bed Frames

A divan bed frame is a type of bed frame where the mattress rests directly on top of the frame. These types of beds are commonly used in rooms with limited storage as they have built in drawers. In addition, they are commonly built with casters and can be easily moved. 

Divan bed frames are perfect for children’s rooms, guest bedrooms and other places where people need a place to sleep overnight. Because they do not include a headboard or footboard like traditional wooden slat or metal frames do, this type of bed provides more flexibility when it comes to designing your bedroom space. 

At the same time, divan beds provide you with an easy way to change up your room’s design without having to replace any other furniture in the room, since they’re usually flat against the walls, taking up minimal space. If you want something different than traditional wooden framing but don’t want anything too ornate either, then a divan bed may be the perfect choice for you.

Ottoman Bed Frames

Ottoman bed frames are built with integrated storage. The frame in which the mattress rests upon is supported by hydraulic hinges or arms that allow it to be lifted, revealing the base to be used as storage.

Unlike other types of storage bed frames, Ottoman beds provide a greater capacity for storage as they utilise the entire floor space underneath the bed. The offering of greater storage space makes Ottoman bed frames incredibly more desirable than divan bed frames and for bedrooms when space is limited and storage a necessity. 

Mid Sleeper Bed Frames

A mid sleeper bed frame is a bed frame that is about half the size of a regular bed frame. It’s not a bunk bed, but is sometimes called one. The main difference between the two types of beds is that mid sleepers have less space underneath them than full size beds do and are usually occupied by storage. The tradeoff is they’re much more affordable and easier to move around than full size beds.

Mid sleeper frames are great for small spaces because they appeal to those who want extra storage or prefer minimalism (less clutter), but don’t want to sacrifice comfort by using futons or other low-lying furniture options like daybeds.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a great way to save space, by utilising the same amount of floor space to sleep more than one child. 

Bunk bed frames come in many different styles, but the main goal is to create a sturdy base for the mattress on the top frame. They are typically made of metal or wood and sit high off the ground with a guard rail so you don’t have to worry about the person on top falling out of their bed whilst sleeping. 

Cabin Bed Frames

Cabin bed frames offer amazing built-in storage options. Traditionally, built with wood, usually pine, the cabin bed frame features an under-bed drawer built into the base whilst utilising a slat system in which the mattress rests upon. Not only does this allow for better ventilation and support for the mattress but make these bed frames a great solution for smaller bedrooms. 

Cabin beds are typically higher off the ground than most other types of bed frames, but unlike bunk beds or mid sleepers do not require ladders. With this in mind, cabin beds often become the more popular choice when considering bed frames for younger children. 

Day Beds

Day beds are a specific type of bed, similar to a sofa bed. They are typically low to the ground but offer multi functionality. Day Beds are somewhere in between a bed and a sofa, and can be used as either, but they’re usually meant for one person to use at a time. Unlike normal beds, they have 3 raised sides, a head & foot end as well as a side – similar to the structure of a sofa.   

TV Bed Frames

TV bed frames are designed to be used with a TV, hence the name. The TV is typically stored within the foot end of the bed frame making it an ideal choice for small rooms that don’t have much space .

TV bed frames are often freestanding and can be placed against the wall or in a corner of the bedroom. They tend to hold their own weight well and keep your television firmly secured in place so you don’t have to worry about it falling while you’re sleeping or watching TV. 

Most models include mounting holes on either side of them so they can fit flush against your wall if desired; however, this may limit visibility depending on where it’s placed within the room. Some people prefer having theirs stand out more prominently so they can easily adjust their viewing angle at any time without having to move anything else around first.

Platform Bed Frame

A platform bed consists of a raised frame with a built-in foundation that supports the mattress without the use of a box spring. With such a definition being broad there leads to a variety of different types of platform beds, but the main 3 categories in which platform beds can be sorted into are: Classic, Floating and Storage Platform beds.

A key thing to note If you’re looking at purchasing a platform bed frame, keep in mind that it will only work with mattresses that are relatively thin; if your mattress is thick (more than about 12 inches), consider buying one with some kind of support so that it doesn’t sag over time.

Poster Bed Frame

A poster bed frame is a type of bed frame that looks similar to a regular frame but has more features. A poster frame typically has headboard, footboard and rails all in one unit. These types of frames are usually made from wood and are often found in hotels.

Canopy Bed Frame

Canopy bed frames are a type of four-poster bed frames with posts at each corner. This type of frame is often seen in European hotels and resorts, as well as in French homes. Canopy beds are great if you want to create an elegant look in your bedroom or hotel room.

The reason why canopies are so popular with Europeans is because they date back hundreds (if not thousands) of years ago when people used their beds as sleeping areas only, not places to hang out while watching TV or reading books like we do in contemporary times.


Depending on the size of your home or space available for a bed will be a key consideration on the type of bed frame you might purchase. If you have limited space, you may want to make sure that the frame you get can easily be moved around. 

You should also consider what type of mattress or pillows you will use with your bed as certain bed frames are better suited for different mattresses. 

Another thing that is often overlooked is the importance of aesthetics when matching bed frames to your existing furniture. If you want to make a statement with your room then this is something that should be considered when choosing the right bed frame for your room decor.

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