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How to Transform Your Studio Apartment on a Budget

The beauty of studio apartments is that they are small. However, it can feel impossible to fit a bedroom, dining space, living room and shower room all into such a tiny space. So, the key to living in a studio apartment, and to transforming your studio apartment on a budget, you need to make sure that each space performs multiple functions efficiently. 

I know what you’re thinking: How do I transform my studio apartment on a budget and the answer is simple. You just need to think outside the box and get creative with the space you have. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on brand new furniture or appliances if you can DIY some updates yourself. In fact, a quick way to spruce up a small space was by adding a few plants into the mix.

When it comes to the space itself utilising it efficiently in terms of furniture and  storage is a must. Using it wisely so that everything from clothing to books are out of sight but still easily accessible when needed. And if you live in an older building without adequate light sources in every room, consider hanging some lights above each kitchen countertop so you can cook comfortably during those rainy days when it’s too dark to see anything else inside your home.

Use space-saving furniture.

One of the most cost-effective ways of upgrading your studio apartment on a budget is to make sure you are only spending money on the most important things. With a bed being the most important thing in any apartment it’s important to make sure theres benefits to it in small spaces. Capitalising on space saving furniture is a brilliant way to do this is using space-saving furniture like a Murphy bed with a desk or bookcase.

Murphy beds are perfect for getting creative with your furniture and looking for multipurpose options that can store things and give you more room in your home. A standard Murphy bed can be tucked away to save space during the day if necessary. You can buy Murphy beds with desks or bookcases attached, but, when on a budget it might be easier to DIY. 

If you’re going down the DIY route you’ll need your own tools especially a drill that you can rely on like an Einhell drill. Investing in tools you can use over and over again has it’s benefits but you’ll also have to store them and when space is limited you’ll have to smart and guage the benefits for yourself.

Use the corners of your space wisely.

One of the most common ways you can use corners in your apartment is to add storage. This extra space can be used for anything from towels and toiletries to spare clothing, shoes and other items. A second corner provides the perfect place to store bookshelves or other furniture that would otherwise take up floor space in your living room or bedroom.

In addition to adding storage, a corner will also provide seating space for guests, luckily, there are a huge range of space saving tables  available on the market. One of the best solutions for especially small studio apartments are tables that can be mounted below a window. All it takes is a set of hinges and a piece of wood. The construction is quite simple so you’d probably be able to build it yourself, but if you’d rather not you can purchase them, too.

Don’t be afraid to paint your walls a bold colour.

While you may be tempted to paint your walls a light neutral colour, don’t be afraid to go bold. Painting your walls a bright colour can change the mood and feel of a space. A bold wall colour can make a room feel more spacious or cosy, depending on what you choose.

Using white for trim in a small space will actually make the room feel bigger than if you had left it as is. White also works well with dark colours like navy blue or black because it really helps define the walls from other elements in the room like furniture pieces or artworks.

Consider room dividers

Room dividers are a fantastic way to transform your space, and change the overall atmosphere. There are lots of different designs available and they’re very budget friendly. 

You may not want them as permanent features in your home, but they’re ideal for studio apartments as you can easily create the illusion of separate rooms within the apartment. 

With room dividers you can create a different atmosphere in each area and are great for giving the illusion of having more space or more rooms than you really have. 

Keep your overhead light fixtures simple.

Another key aspect for every dwelling is lighting. In studio apartments especially, it’s important to keep your overhead light fixtures simple. Don’t spend a lot of money on these, and don’t buy anything too extravagant. 

A basic fitting or cheap chandelier will do just fine, or even better: no fixture at all. If you do have a fixture, keep it simple. It should be small enough to add to the aesthetics of the space available without being obtrusive.

Using storage to keep belongings out of sight.

If you have the room, consider using it for storage. If you have a bed frame that has space under it, there’s no reason not to use that space for storing extra blankets and pillows. The space underneath sofas and chairs can be great places to stow things as well—as long as they don’t get in the way.

And while we’re talking about under things: kitchen sinks are often large enough for small items like tupperware or microwave dishes. In addition, bathrooms offer lots of options depending on how much counter space each individual bathroom has available (from extra towel storage to medicine cabinets). Every nook and cranny should be looked at for potential storage potential.

Choose silent appliances 

When you have all your utilities and appliances in the same room as you live, sleep, cook, and eat, you need to pay extra attention to the amount of noise they make.  In fact, you could go as far as to say that low noise output is the most important feature when buying any appliance for a studio apartment.

So, when purchasing fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, and other appliances, pay close attention to how loud they are. Not only this, but consider where you place them too, because sleeping next to a fridge that sounds as though it’s going to take off is a sure-fire way to drive you crazy! 

And there you have it – just a few simple, creative ways that you can transform your studio apartment without breaking the bank. 

Source: www.ukhomeimprovement.co.uk

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