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Tips for Staying Comfortable in Your Garden

If you are keen to make the most out of your garden, we’ve put together some tips to help you stay comfy. In this article we’ll be looking into how to stay warm in your garden all year round as well as other issues that might spoil your fun.

Staying Warm

Even in spring and summer, some nights can quickly turn colder than you expected. To prevent this temperature change from putting a buzzkill on your outdoor gathering there are a few things you can do…

Get a Patio Heater

The first tip we can suggest is to think about investing in a patio heater. Patio heaters can be spotted in beer gardens, keeping the outdoor areas full of customers all year round. Spending a few hundred pounds on a good quality one will not only keep you and your guests cosy and comfy, but will also look good too. Your own personal beer garden awaits.

Patio heaters use either gas or electricity to keep things warm.

Fire Pit

Fire pits come in a range of different designs to match with whatever style you are going for in your garden. Whether you want your fire pit to look like a table to match with your furniture or you are going for a more natural approach to your garden and want a stone fire pit, you can find what you want to achieve – and a fire pit will only enhance your garden’s look.

Guests will be fighting to sit round your new garden centrepiece when you get yourself a fire pit. Some designs can also be used as a table for drinks and food, they also sometimes have protective glass for those that aren’t comfortable with a completely open flame. 

Fire pits use either gas or firewood as fuel.


If the open flame of a fire pit isn’t for you because you have young children and other safety concerns, you can instead opt for a chiminea. Chimineas tend to be smaller and more mobile than something like a fire pit or patio heater, but like the other items on this list they can come in a range of different styles. 

Many designs have a small door on them, protecting people from their open flame. Some even have trays that you can use for cooking. Chimineas most commonly use firewood for fuel. 

Now we’ve covered what items can keep you warm, let’s take a look at some more helpful things to consider…


If you are having a gathering, you’re going to need some sort of furniture. Even if you just want to relax in nature all by yourself. Some wooden deck chairs and recliners or plastic garden chairs can be enough, but you might also want to splash out on ultimate comfort with an outdoor sofa. Just consider how the weather affects the furniture and if you have space to put it in storage if needed.


You can also include blankets, either draped over furniture for guests to use if they get cold or to lay down on the grass with, perfect for kids to use, catching some sun or having a picnic in your own back garden.


Getting a gazebo or some parasols can keep visitors protected in varying weather. Too much sun can be a bad thing after all, so you’ll want to give people the option to retreat to the shade without having to go indoors. It might even be an idea to offer sun cream to guests on a particularly hot and sunny day. The overhead shelter will also come in handy if there’s risk of rain – or bird poop.

Prevent Bugs

Having some bug spray or other repellents in case of bug invasions will be handy for keeping guests happy and unbothered. Keep your garden as clear as possible to prevent giving pests debris to hide in. Remove weeds, food waste, prevent access to bins and anything else that might attract pests. You don’t want an unexpected invasion ruining your time outside.

Get The Most Out of Your Garden

With these tips your garden shouldn’t go to waste – it might even become your favourite part of the house.

Source: www.ukhomeimprovement.co.uk

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