Natural ways to achieve luscious locks

One thing many women want to achieve is glossy, thick, healthy-looking hair. Those images of luscious locks we all see in magazines and on social media are certainly tantalising. But while the hairdresser lingo can confuse those not well-versed in the haircare world, we think you will enjoy our article which will focus on natural ways to achieve luscious locks.

Treat With An Oil

Hair oils are a simple and effective way to help you achieve luscious locks the natural way. They are versatile products that can be used at various stages of your haircare routine. For instance, you could apply an oil 10/15 minutes before your hair as a prewash preparation step. Additionally, you could apply one the night before you wash your hair. As an example, you could use the Really Good Hair Oil organic oil for hair from Fushi Wellbeing as a prewash step. The organic oil adds shine to your hair which helps it to look healthy and nourished.

If dry ends are a problem, after washing your hair you could apply a very small amount of hair oil just to the ends to take away that brittleness. Once you have styled your hair to your desired finished look, you might even want to run some oil through the ends to help keep the style and add a little more shine, but always ensure it is the tiniest amount otherwise you will go from natural-looking luscious locks to greasy looking hair in seconds!

Really Good Hair Oil contains fabulous natural ingredients such as sesame seed oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil. This sets the scene for how you can make your own natural remedies for thick, healthy, natural-looking beautiful shiny hair.

Use Heat Protection Products

Heat can be damaging to the hair and is one of the biggest problems many women face. Consistent use of hairdryers, straighteners, curlers or any styling tool can dry the hair and cause it to damage and break.

One thing every hair stylist will say, and something they cannot stress the importance of enough, is using heat protection products. These could be heat sprays before blow drying your hair and another spray to use before using a styling tool to help you achieve your desired look.

The market is inundated with heat protection products, which are budget-friendly and work well. Using these before applying any heat to your hair will allow you to style your hair as intended and help you keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. It can help you achieve the luscious locks looks without damaging your hair.

Of course, do try to find products with predominantly natural ingredients and, wherever possible, organic.

Try To Limit Breakage

Aim to avoid hair breakage or as limit it as much as possible. It will help with hair growth and keep your locks looking healthy. Many of the ways that hair breaks come from how we brush it and tie it up.

Invest in quality products, such as brushes, to help avoid any tears that could damage your hair when detangling any knots. Switch to using cloth hair bobbles instead of elastic ones to limit any snags that may damage the hair close to the roots. They are also better for the environment, too!

Enjoy a Head Massage

 Everyday stress, strain and environmental pollutants have a direct impact on the scalp and hair and bad circulation is the root cause of hair disorders.

To avoid the formation of scaly and itchy dead cells which can become breeding grounds for bacteria, the ideal way to retain a good healthy scalp and head of hair is to massage it regularly with herbal oils. The oil gets absorbed into the hair roots and soothes the nerve cells below.

Why not consider periodically treating yourself to a professional head massage using natural organic oils, which may also include a neck and shoulder massage to ensure that there is a good blood supply to the head and brain? It will not only help you achieve those gorgeous luscious looks, but it will also provide several other health benefits.


Fortunately, there are plenty of natural ways to achieve luscious locks. One thing to remember is that good hair care is essential in achieving this goal. Use the advice from experts and their golden rules on taking the best care of your hair. This combination could be the secret to unlocking luscious locks.



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