Should skin tags be removed or are they harmless

We all have our marks, blemishes, bodily imperfections, and scars. Most of the time these are items that add character to our bodies or that make us unique in the eyes of people, but sometimes they are causes for concern that need to be investigated and removed. Lumps, growths, and discolourations can be signs and symptoms of illnesses and problems with the body, and should be removed.

But what about skin tags? Most people have them, and some people try to get them removed as soon as possible, but do you really need to worry about them? Should skin tags be removed?

What Is A Skin Tag?

A skin tag is a small noncancerous growth that forms on your skin whenever your skin rubs against itself. They look like skin tissue that is extending out from a tiny stem and will either be the same colour as your skin or perhaps a bit darker. Most of them are pretty small, and they are very common.

Skin tags are found in areas of friction on the body, such as the neck, underarms, beneath the breasts, and inside of other skin folds. They often start small and might grow to be a few centimetres in diameter, but they are harmless to you.

Why Would I Have A Skin Tag Removed?

Skin tags are harmless, and aside from maybe getting a little irritated if you prod at them, they aren’t going to impact your body. However, some people do find them unsightly and distracting, especially if they are on the neck or in another highly visible area.

Some people also find that skin tags on and around the neck can get caught on collars, necklaces, or hair and that can cause a light stinging pain. That’s enough for most people to want to have their skin tags removed.

You can easily get your skin tags removed by going to a specialist such as a London skin tag removal clinic, and there are a number of methods that the physicians will use to get that tag off of you.

For example, they can use cryotherapy and freeze the skin tag off of your skin using liquid nitrogen.  They can also use electrocautery, where electric needles are used to burn off the skin tag. Additionally, if you have a larger skin tag it can simply be snipped off with scissors.

There are plenty of ways to have a skin tag removed from your body, but make sure to go to a skin tag removal clinic and, as stressed by the NHS, don’t try to remove the skin tag yourself.

Don’t Remove A Skin Tag At Home

While there are a lot of home remedies to remove skin tags and products that say they can remove skin tags on the market today, and some of them do work, they aren’t supported by a ton of data.

Some people place ligation bands around the skin tag’s stem, which cuts off stimulation and causes the tag to fall off. Other kits try to freeze the tags off, though it typically requires multiple applications until the one application you get at a clinic. Other natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil have also been used to treat skin tags, but they can cause skin irritation.

You Can Simply Leave A Skin Tag Alone

Don’t feel like you have to treat skin tags medically, especially since the cosmetic procedure is often not covered by your insurance. You can simply leave them alone and they won’t harm you at all, and make sure that you simply check in on them from time to time.

If the thought of a growth on your skin causes you to think about cancer, then that is an understandable thought. However, for the most part, skin tags don’t turn into cancer and that isn’t something you should worry about. If you are really worried, then go have a doctor check out your skin growth and remove it so you don’t have it weighing on your mind.

Just make sure that your skin tag doesn’t have some atypical features, such as changing colour variations, changes in size, and bleeding when irritated. If this turns into a problem then you probably need to speak to a doctor.

Otherwise, feel free to just accept your skin tag as another part of your body that looks different from everyone else’s. It is harmless, so you can spend your time and energy worrying about other ways to keep your body in tip-top condition and your skin looking great, especially in the winter.



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