embracing tech for a healthy workplace makes sense

Employee wellness and health have a major impact on business. Both are key to employee happiness, productivity, performance, and output and can also determine how satisfied employees feel about their lives. Embracing tech for a healthy workplace can certainly be a good way of supporting employees.

While the economic implication of employee ill health is quantifiable, it cannot overshadow the other effects employee health has on their lives. If you are an employee, is your company supporting your health and wellbeing? For example, different pieces of tech can help keep employees healthy in the office. Perhaps your company has considered some of these options?

Wearable Tech

Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other types of wearable technology have become commonplace in the workplace in recent years. They track a whole host of health-related metrics to give you a better understanding of your health level, personal activity and other data.

By monitoring things like heart rate, steps walked, calories burned and so on, they can spur employees to start taking action to become healthier.

UVC Sanitising Systems

UVC light has been used in healthcare to sanitise operating rooms for a long time because it kills dangerous microorganisms. This happens quickly depending on its intensity and length of exposure time. This tech has now moved to the office, with VIOA developing a mobile UVC light cleaning solution.

These solutions help with the disinfection of workspaces by killing airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. This means that employees can come to a clean and sanitised office every day which can help reduce illnesses in the workplace.

HVAC Systems

When most people think about HVAC systems, they only think about their heating and cooling capabilities. However, these heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems do a lot more because they can help regulate indoor air quality and keep humidity levels at optimal levels.

HVAC systems ensure good indoor air quality by consistently filtering the air that comes into the office as they provide thermal comfort. Cleaning the air removes pathogens and other matter that can cause illnesses, especially for employees who may be susceptible already.

High humidity in the office can be mild enough that it only makes your employees sweat. However, high humidity levels especially in hotter months can cause heat exhaustion, dehydration, fatigue, fainting and muscle cramps that can all cause significant issues depending on how healthy an employee is.

Hand Sanitising Stations

Hand hygiene has been shown to help reduce illnesses caused by surface germs. We can transfer these pathogens from different surfaces onto our bodies, but good hand hygiene helps stop this.

Automatic hand sanitising stations in an office can be critical in helping ensure hand hygiene. Their ease of use and automation means employees need to only apply a little effort to keep their hands sanitised at all times.

Ergonomic Furniture

Although not strictly a piece of technology, ergonomic furniture and modern variations like standing desks have been shown to help with employee health. Better chairs allow employees to remain comfortable while working and reduce back and neck pain caused by poor posture and straining over a desk.

Standing desks, on the other hand, reduce the amount of time people spend sitting, which has also been shown to improve health outcomes.

Technology has advanced so far that we now have options that enhance employee wellness and health in the office while also helping them track and improve both. The good thing is that these technologies are easy to use and widely available. Indeed, technology is transforming the healthcare industry in a variety of ways and across all areas.

Employers have a duty to protect their employee’s wellbeing and using tech for good health outcomes certainly has an important role to play. If you feel your health and wellbeing is not being appropriately considered, why not have a word with your line manager and see if any changes can be made to embrace the use of tech for a healthy workplace.

Source: healthylifeessex.co.uk


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