Managing the health of care home residents

You might be considering the possibility of moving either yourself or someone you care about into a care home. These are establishments created around providing professional levels of support to people who are not able to provide it for themselves. If you have been exploring the idea of a care home but are still unsure, here is some information to help you understand more about what care homes have to offer and how managing the health of care home residents is so important to the staff.

Nutritious Meal Choices

Care homes provide food for their residents and, in doing so, should take steps to ensure that each meal is nutritious and suitable for each individual.

For example, care homes are sensitive to intolerances and allergies as well as dietary preferences such as vegetarianism. Care home staff are made aware of any nutritional deficiencies in their residents so that they can support the improvement of their health through high-quality meals and, if necessary, additional supplements.

Healthy food choices are important for all of us but are requirements change as we age. A good approach to dietary needs is a very important factor in managing the health of care home residents.

Personal Medication

Many people who reside in care homes require at least some personal medication to maintain their health. This might be due to an existing condition or to keep them feeling their best. Whatever the case may be, care home staff are trained to make sure that each resident receives the correct type and dosage of medication to keep them healthy and happy. This could be anything from allergy medication for pollen or regular diabetes support.

Trained Care Staff

As already mentioned, care home staff are extremely well qualified to make sure that every resident is taken care of as best as possible. This often means focusing on providing high-quality health support such as first aid, routine wellbeing assistance, and maintaining close contact with professional medical staff such as nurses and doctors.

If you visited a care home in Brentwood, for example, you would notice that staff genuinely care about the health of every resident. This leads to more vigilance and quicker responses in the event of a resident having a health crisis or medical emergency. Properly trained care staff can act decisively and effectively in these situations.

Accident Prevention

One of the main reasons that people move into a care home is for the safer environment.

At home, there are countless risks that could cause an accident, such as a fall, which could lead to a serious injury. In a care home, however, staff ensure that the spaces are kept clear of obstacles and potential risks.

Every measure is taken to prevent accidents and make getting around the residence easier and safer. For example, care homes make extensive use of mobility aids such as handrails, ramps, and accessible room layouts to help all residents feel comfortable and welcome.

Many care homes also provide specific exercise regimes to help residents keep mobile and improve their balance. Did you know, for example, that light strength training is good for seniors?

There are far more ways than those listed above in which care homes strive to protect and look after their residents. These homes are entirely focused on how they can improve people’s lives through excellent care, which includes a heavy emphasis on maintaining and supporting all residents’ health.

But perhaps most importantly of all, care homes have to be registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and are inspected regularly. You can search for a care home on their website and find what rating they have and even down a full report which will include details on how the care home looks after the health of its residents.



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