Save On Your Gas Bill With These Practical Tips


Selectively Heat Your Home

The biggest gas usage category for the average home in the UK is considered to be heating and cooling – which accounts for around 40 percent of total consumption. To reduce consumption, it is recommended that you focus on heating the spaces you use on a regular basis – to keep the heat in the spaces in question, be sure to shut any doors to spaces you don’t intend to heat. To further reduce unnecessary heating costs remember to switch off heating when you are not home and when you are asleep.

Reprogram Your Thermostat 

Each degree Centigrade (°C) lower for cooling or higher for heating increases heating costs by an extra 10 percent, in NSW. When it comes to heating, 18 – 20 degrees Centigrade is sufficient. Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat, if you want to save gas costs without having to adjust your thermostat manually.

Decrease The Rate At Which You Use Hot Water

You can reduce you gas costs by using less hot water. Since a shower consumes a lower amount of water in comparison to a long bath, consider taking a shorter four to five-minute shower. You can reduce energy and water costs by opting for a low flow showerhead. Any leaky hot water outlets should also be repaired or replaced.

Get An Instant Hot Water Heater

30 percent of your total energy consumption at home is attributed to heating water. By only heating water when it is needed instead of keeping it hot throughout the day, instantaneous hot water heating systems can help you make significant savings on your energy costs in the long run, even though they normally come at a higher initial cost. See here ways to ensure that your boiler is working efficiently with boiler cover. Alternatively, find out if your hot water pipes and storage tank are properly insulated, if an instant hot water heater is not an option. The amount of energy needed to keep the water hot can be significantly reduced, if the hot water piping and storage tank is properly insulated. Without the necessary insulation, up to 30 percent of the energy used for water heating can end up being lost.

Properly Insulate Your Home 

You are more likely to reduce your gas consumption, if your home needs less heat. Investing in better insulation for your home is one of the best ways you can use to make huge savings on your energy bill. A properly insulated home is cheaper all year long – it is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. During summer, a poorly insulated home can gain 60 percent of heat through the walls and ceiling, or end up losing up to 50 percent of heat through the ceiling during winter. You can reduce your dependency on your heater during cold weather with a properly insulated roof – which traps warm air inside the house while keeping cold air outside.

Get An Energy Efficient Washing Machine And Dishwasher  

The energy efficiency of appliances is constantly being improved upon by appliance manufacturers. You might be wasting a lot of energy, if you are using a washing machine or dishwasher that is more than 5 years old. Be sure to replace the appliance that you use most often first, if you end up choosing to replace them. When choosing a replacement, be sure to look for something with an eco-wash feature that gives you control over water temperature – for when you need to use hot water – and water level, in addition to the energy rating.

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